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You: "Well, I've been reading some books about research..."
  4) Don't you stare at the computer long enough already?

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PHD Book 4 - New!
The new PHD book is here!! Printed in full color!

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PHD Book 1
Collects the first 5 years of PHD!

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PHD Book 2
See Mike's Thesis Defense!

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PHD Book 3
The latest comic collection!
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PhD Chapter 4 - NEW!

The latest PHD book, printed in FULL COLOR! Includes fan-favorite strips such as:
Seminar Bingo
ANOVA: Analysis of Value
Quantum Gradnamics

Jorge's visit to CERN ... and more!

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PhD Chapter 1

Collects the first 5 years of PHD! Includes the strips:
Grad student Documentary
The Motivation Charts
Newton's laws of graduation
What is... the Thesis? ... and more!
Also includes production sketches and an afterword by Prof. Smith.

only $13.50!
(see full cover)

"Life is tough and then you graduate"
PhD Chapter 2

Find out what happens in Mike's thesis defense! Includes:
The Procrastin-X, Deciphering Academese, and Grad Student Pick-up lines comics plus 6 strips not published online!
Behind-the-scenes author notes
Grad School the Boardgame activity set
Foreword by Karl Marx

only $13.50!
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PhD Chapter 3
Now shipping!!

The third chapter in the PHD saga! Includes the strips:
Scientific Method vs. Actual Method
How to Write your Thesis Title
Valentine Gift Ideas for your Advisor
Anatomy of a Group Meeting ...and more!
Plus! Every "Tales from the Road" comic from the 2005-2006 Power of Procrastination Tour, and an Afterword by YOU (selected comments submitted to the website during the making of the book).


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